A few simple interior tricks can give your home a new and refreshed pre-holiday boost!!

Here are 4 easy and quick-fix options:

1. Paint a statement wall.

Choose a good “back-drop” wall to paint in a contrast colour. Preferably an entrance hall wall, or a wall behind a sofa or bed. Avoid walls with asymmetrically positioned doors and windows. Choose something refreshing like turquoise or coral for an instant shot of vibrancy. Alternatively, add strength and definition with charcoal or navy.

2. Add an indoor plant.

This immediately breathes life into any space. See the Signature Finish Indoor planters for clean and versatile pot options.

3. Change a light fitting.

If a light point exists it should be easy enough to change the fitting to something more eye-catching and on trend. NB: However, check with your electrician beforehand to ensure feasibility!!

Hanging drum shades are a cost-effective option. Go as large as you can for max impact and select a fabric of your choice to add colour, pattern and a completely refreshed look! Signature Finish is able to help with a shade of your choice as well as offer a variety of other interesting light fittings for you to consider!

4. Add some outdoor decking.

If the garden and pool area are looking a little untidy and outdated, consider decking it for a quick WOW look. Call Anton at Signature Finish for the best decking solutions.

For more please contact Lisa on 073-8995149 or Anton on 082-8266228