I set up Lisa Fabbri Interiors in 2006 offering a comprehensive interior design service, specializing mainly in residential, small corporate & commercial work.
I completed a Interior Design Diploma course at the KLC school in London (1995-6) which provided me with the necessary tools & understanding to
oversee structural & technical design (building, electrical & plumbing), as well as the décor aspects of soft furnishings, colour schemes & finishes.
This has been supplemented by my work experience in London & in Cape Town since 1997.
In past years, I have hosted a variety of talks & workshops on Interior Trends & simple home solutions which proved popular for a wide spectrum of
clients & interested home-owners. I am regularly asked to make comment on interior issues for a local interior publication I have had work featured in
the House & Leisure magazine. The business has professional relations with most of the required services, such as CAD technicians, painters, electricians, curtain manufacturers, upholsterers, etc, which allows for a complete & comprehensive undertaking. I also hold accounts with a variety of suppliers & can offer competitive
prices on most materials.
My personal preference is for modern, functional interiors, with key accents, focal points & unexpected or quirky detail. I like to reflect playful &
interesting combinations of colour & texture & am always exploring new finishes to off-set against the traditional. I strongly encourage environmental
awareness & good conscience when building an interior scheme & like to apply the principles of upcycling, recycling & giving back whenever the
situation allows. What is fundamental to my work however & which overrides any personal taste, is my commitment to answering the Clients Brief.
The Client’s interests are always at the forefront of any design concept with an aim to hold the balance between cost & quality



From start to finish, Lisa handled our project
with a high degree of professionalism – a
quality I value greatly. But, it was her ability
to interpret our brief and translate it into the
beautiful space we now call home, that I
value most.

I felt that Lisa understood my concerns. I felt
that she “got me”. My initial gut-feel was
confirmed when she presented her proposal.
Her sample boards for each room included
detailed sketches; small swatches of fabric for
curtaining and scatter cushions; samples of
wall paint and suggestions regarding furniture
and rugs. For someone like me who struggles
to visualise, the presentation gave shape and
colour to her ideas and I could immediately
“see” what that room would look like.

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Phone: 082 783 5945

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